First blog post

So I nearly started a blog a few years ago, then a few months ago, then Wednesday… and now… perhaps this one will remain… unlike my Tumblr one, that I’m attempting to delete through contacting Yahoo as I write!

Anyway, I guess my point is, I’m indecisive, a little anxious – especially around new stuff, and honest about it. Maybe that sums up a large part of my Aspergers?

A friend suggested this platform for a blog and so that makes me feel a little more comforted writing here. I guess I am scared of Big brother watching everything I do or hacking into my things. I got hacked into my Yahoo account, my Hotmail and my Facebook account, twice, last year. I’m not quite sure what they would be after as I’m on a government pension so I’m far from rolling in money that they could steal. So that’s why I get anxious that maybe it’s my information they are after, or just to spy on me. Anyway, let’s not go too far down that path,¬†otherwise, this blog will not get off the ground… and I so want it to. I am usually a slow learner, a slow starter… perhaps another word for it is a Procrastinator.

I want to start a blog for several reasons: a) because I would like to be a writer and blogging would be great practice for that, as well as exposure to potential followers; b) because I would like to share my thoughts with an invisible, non-opinionated platform rather than friends and family because the feedback from them, when I share, often sends me into a tailspin in the wrong direction! So I want to keep all of my ideas and energy inside for a change – well inside in as far as just on a page and not into someone else’s mind-mouth circuit! c) I think sharing my experience could help other Aspergians to be proud of their diagnosis, and perhaps look a little more deeply into what Aspergers really is.