Indecisiveness rules ok!

So, I guess this is typical Aspie. Two days ago I was convinced that a Bachelor of Psychology was the way to go… two days of life, people’s comments, infiltrating memories and more research… and I now think the Bachelor of Journalism is DEFINITELY the way to go Haha!… with a minor in Digial Photography Practice. Maybe I should leave out the definitely (going on years of previous experience).

There’s so much choice in the world, it’s endless! And I have so many interests. But which of them will actually fit my personality type, my aversion to conforming and refusing to be controlled.

Someone pointed out to me yesterday that Teaching is not going to suit my hippy ways, I just wouldn’t want to fit in, he said. That is the course I am currently enrolled in. It always pleasantly surprises me that other people can often see more than we can, especially about ourselves. Hence why I love getting other people’s opinions (as long as they don’t have their own agenda about which way they want to push me).

It has always been a problem for me that I haven’t ‘seen’ warning signs about some people. I haven’t noticed that they are controlling or manipulating me to suit their own needs. Maybe this is Aspergian too, I am very trusting and tend to see the good in people, rather than focusing on any obvious character floors. It has been to my detriment numerous times.

Any road, maybe, just maybe, I’m finally waking up. As the blog is so aptly titled… Aspie Awakening 🙂

Maybe we never finish waking up? Not in this life anyway. Or if we do finish and become ‘enlightened’ we are perhaps a Buddhist monk who doesn’t come back into this wheel of suffering for another life. But for the rest of us ordinary citizens, we’ll be on the journey of waking-up or enlightening, for our whole lives… If we want to be of course.

Rito, I’m going to hop on my bike to check out the local farmers markets.

Have a wonderful day


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